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The Iatcu Georgi and Marfta Hladiuc marriage, 1 July 1912 in Montreal, Canada

 Vasile Bucaciuc marriage in Canada, between 1922 - 1924. The participants are from Ipotesti, Hreatzka and Bosanci


Ioan Hreceniuc & Petrea Baisa Lazar Hreniuc - Sculi USA Horbaniuc Leonte (Brehun), on the left, Canada Iatcu Victoria & Marfta Hladiuc, Canada Tofan Ilie Pintilie

Still others....

      Tomasciuc Dumitru, Detroit, US Hreceniuc Stefan

  1921 - John Hreceniuc Stefan, Ilie... Detroit US    




Maria Bucaciuc (Shcaradnei)        



Victor Horbaniuc (1922-1990)
 photo 1984

In 1944, Mr Victor Horbaniuc (Brehun) took refuge on the side of the Allies during the Second World War because he did not want to live in a country occupied by the Communists.
He said: "I will not ever put a foot in my native village as long as the Communists are in power in the country."
He lived in France and died in early January 1990 just after the fall of communism in Romania. I think he died of joy because it was
 heart attack

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