"Colinda", the Ukrainian traditional Christmas Carol, sung by Mr. Mihai Irimiciuc,clan Haliuka, 1919-2008, from Ipotesti




On Christmas Eve, orthodox families welcomed the priest who came with an icon of the  Blessed Virgin to bless the food.

He was welcomed with a lighted candle.


"Placinte"- little buns filled with apple

Mesocica 2011

Mesocica - the Christmas offering






On the dinner table, the traditional Christmas Eve menu is simple and affordable by everyone: in the center are two "Colaci"
(braided wheels of bread), "placinte" (buns  with apple filling ), a fish dish, mushrooms, broad beans, prunes in syrup, a wheat cake, other little cakes
and wine. After midnight, when the fast has ended, "Sarmale" (stuffed cabbage leaves, "Racituri" (jellied meat), roast pork, home made
sausages and strong alcohol are added to the holiday fast.

The "Colinde" tradition with children singing
songs outside the windows of houses continues to exist today. In the past, everyone went outside in little groups to sing a "Colinde". The "Bereaza" was fairy-like. This consisted of a group of young men, with musicians, who sang "La Fântâna grecului" (The Greek's well) in front of the houses where young ladies lived. For other houses they sang "O ce veste minunata " (Oh what wonderful news). They were welcomed into the houses and given food and drink.


On  Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day,   a traditional offering is still made. Families offer a "Mesocica", a plate  with "placinta", cakes, candy, fruit and a candle lit in the memory of the souls of  departed family members.


Colinde - Christmas Carols


Oh ce veste minunata - G Zamfir, panpipes

La Fântâna grecului - Violin, Mihai Hreceniuc, Ipotesti

Trei Pastori - Colinda

Leordasul - Colinda


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