About me?


For several years I have tried to trace the history of my family and to re-create my family tree.  Many members of my family emigrated to the North American continent starting in 1907.  Some worked a few years in America and then returned to their homeland, but others established themselves in America and stayed.  On the original 1907 American passenger list I found with some of my ancestors, I also found many other people of my village who emigrated to America.  From this, I was inspired to search for the stories of all these emigrants from Ipotesti.


The younger generation of the village, in majority the new emigrants in Europe, has expressed some interest in knowing more about me.   Therefore, I will tell you that I am of the clan Sculi  -- my parents were Aglaia and Stefan Hreniuc.   My mother was of the clan Iatcu (Koshmarcen family).   I earned a "professorship of letters" degree at the University of Suceava.  I worked at a school but only for 2 months since I was then forced to resign and leave the country.  It was a difficult time -- the time of the Romanian dictatorship.  Fortunately, France adopted me but I have always tried to stay in close contact with my friends and relations in Ipotesti.  Each year since 2001, I have returned to the village....   to find my roots, to talk with the village people, to listen to them sing, to photograph each corner of the village streets....   to quite simply breathe the air where I grew up.

I have been living in Paris since 1974



When I was 12 years old, my father gave me a mandolin.  Professor Lukan taught me to play.  He soon after formed an orchestra in which I played for eight years.   I continue to play still here today.

One of my hobbies


My other areas of interest are genealogy, photography, and painting.



Another hobby - painting


Paris Montmartre

Paris Montmartre

My aunt's home in Ipotesti

Paris - Le Gallus, restaurant


Paris-Les quais de la Seine


Paris - Moulin Rouge

Paris, les bouquinistes

Paris, les bouquinistes, Hiver

Paris-les quais de la Seine

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