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Between 1907 and 1914 many people left to work in North America. Many came back to their villages after WW1. From 1910, to embark on a ship to America, European emigrants went through the ports of Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam or French and Belgian ports . The voyage was less expensive if they chose to go to Canada, as the Canadian authorities paid a subsidy to European travel agents for each passenger directed to Canada.

The most former emigrant found would be Pavel Crasi, from the Clisi clan. In the 1911, Ontario, Canada  census he states to have emigrated in 1906. (NR. 42)



SS Alice

SS Alice ,

Built by Russell & Company, Port Glasgow, Scotland, 1907. 6,122 gross tons; 415 (bp) feet long; 49 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engines, twin screw.  Service speed 15 knots.  1,625 passengers (50 first class, 75 second class, 1,500 third class).One funnel and two masts.

Built for Austro-Americana Line, Austrian flag, in 1907 and named Alice. Trieste-New York service. Seized by Brazilian Government, Brazilian flag, in 1917 and renamed Asia. Ceded to France as reparations in 1919. Sold to Fabre Line, French flag, in 1920. Marseilles-New York service. Destroyed by fire in Red Sea while carrying pilgrims to Mecca on April 21, 1930. (source Ellis Island)

Several passengers from Ipotesti sailed on this ship in 1907, 1908 and 1909.




Hostiuc Gregor 1907

Gulei Nicolai 1908

Gulei Nicolai & Policiuc Vasile 1909


1907  - Trieste 13 Oct.-New York 1 Nov. The ship had ports of call in Patras in Greece and Palermo in Sicily. On board were emigrants from many
nations (Russia, Galicia, Bukovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain...)

Gregor Hostiuc:

Hostiuc Gregor - on the right


Hostiuc Gregor 1889-1953. 18 years old, no. 16 on the SS Alice passenger list.  He was the son of Georgi Hostiuc of Ipotesti and Stefana Curec from Tisautz.  He declared himself to be "in transit" towards his final destination of Montreal, Canada where he had a friend Tanasi Schaffer who lived at 391 Lawrence Street. After nearly a year in Canada, he entered the US at Michigan.  He traveled to Ohio where he had a job waiting for him.  He married Carolina Nickley and had 4 children -- 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Although he was a shepherd in his youth in Romania, he was a carpenter by trade in America.   He spoke 7 languages.  In America, his name was "Gregor Hostiuck".  He never returned to Ipotesti but wrote to his brother George there via a man named Herman Rangos, probably a Jewish settler, who lived in the mountain foothills village of Gura Humorului.

Gregor had several brothers and sisters who remained in Ipotesti.  His younger brother was Stefan, born in 1895, who married Varvara Antoniac in 1920.  Another brother, Nicolai, born in 1877, was married in 1914 to Marfta, the daughter of Demetrie Andries of Tisautz.  Gregor's American grandaughter Pat would like to find any cousins living in the village.

The Family of Gregor Hostiuc was found (August 2007). See his history page here

Hostiuc Gregor

Photo taken after 1907 - Gregor Hostiuc's  family in Ipotesti


1909 SS Alice Trieste-New York (28 Jan - 17 Feb), On the passenger list were Gulei Nicolai 43 years old and Policiuc Vasile 25, both from the Boshtanek clan. Their destination was "La Bogalusa" in Louisiana, where, Georgi Gulei, their brother and uncle respectively, had settled two years earlier.


SS Francesca, built in 1905 by Russell & Co. in Glasgow, Scotland. 1580 passengers from Trieste toNew-York. Later this ship sailed from Trieste to South America. In 1919 the ship was sold to the « Cosulich Line ». it was dismantled in 1926. (Source: Ellis Island)

SS Francesca 1907 Simion Krassi (Crasi)

Trieste 26 Oct-New York 17 Nov. 1907. The ship had ports of call at Patras in Greece and Palermo in Sicily.

On the passenger list were: - Krassi (Crasi) Simion, 18 years old, who had not been able to embark  September. 21st  on the SS Gerty. He was the son of Nicolai from the Moseai clan and was in transit to Montreal, Canada.

Hostiuc Dumitru  42 years old. His next-of-kin person left behind was his wife Maria. He was in transit to Montreal, Canada where he intended to join his friend Vasile Hladiuc, also from his village.


SS President Grant Hamburg America Line, built in 1903, 3354 passengers.

Hamburg - New York, 6 - 20 Dec. 1907

Among the passengers were: the brothers Toader, 26 years old and Nicolai Bucaciuc 25 years old  from Shkaradnei clan, Regus Vasile 27, Tofan Ion 39. Their destination was New Orleans to the home of Chibici Dumitru.

SS President Grant Manifest Bucaciuc Toader Bucaciuc Toader  



SS Kaiserin Augusta Victoria  Hamburg-America Line, built in 1905, 2466  passengers.
10 - 20 Dec. 1907 Hamburg-New York

Hamburg - N. York 10-20 Dec. 1907

Hladiuc Nicolai (Canona) 18 years old, the brothers Leonte 30 years old and Nicolai Policiuc 26, the brothers Nicolai 26 years old and Georgi Irimiciuc 29, from the Leonteshenii clan. Krassi (Crasi) Ilie, 24 years old, son of Parasca and Dumitru, from the Clisi clan. Their destination was Montreal, Canada to Georgi Crasi, Clisi.

SS Kaiserin Augusta Victoria Irimiciuc Georgi 1878-1945 Irimiciuc Nicolai 1881-? Crasi Ilie Clisi  

SS Sofia Hohenberg - Unione Austriaca line  Built in 1905, 1630 passengers.

Trieste - La  New Orleans 20 Oct - 18 Nov. 1907 Gulei Nicolai 38 years old (married to Anica), Hreniuc Petru 25 years old (married to Mafta), Hostiuc Nicolai 25 years old (married to Parasca), Hreniuc Ion 24 years old (son of Toader) and Senciuc Nicolai 15 years old, son of Semeon, minor was excluded.



Hamburg - images of the emigration time




SS President Grant Hamburg America Line. Built in 1903, 3354 passengers.

Hamburg - New York, 13 - 26 Apr. 1908

SS President Grant

Manifest Bukaczuk Ioan (Yohan)

Bucaciuc Ioan, Yohan, 35 years old, married to Natalia
Bodnariuc Nicolai, 39  years old, married to Parasca
Irimiciuc Mihailo, 57 years old, married to Ileana.
Their destination was Montréal, Canada.


SS Prinz Adalbert  Hamburg America Line. Built in 1902, 1260 passengers.

Hamburg – Québec-30 Apr. -  16 May 1909

Manifest Hreniuc Stefan

Bucaciuc Leonte, 37 years old, Petreshen clan
Hreniuc Stefan, 44 y.o
Bucaciuc Nicolai, 55 y.o
Hreceniuc Dumitru, 23 y.o
Guliciuc Georgi, 35 y.o.
Regus Pavel, 45 y.o.
SS Prinz Adalbert  

Bucaciuc Leonte



SS Prinz Oskar Hamburg America Line, 1260 passengers.

Hamburg - Québec, 14 May 1909

  - Hladiuc Vasile 41 years old, born in 1868. He is one of the first to have emigrated in Montréal. In 1909 he visit its family in the village.


SS Prinz Oskar  


SS Lapland , Red Star Line. Build in 1908, 2350 passengers.

27 Nov. - 6 Dec. 1909 Antwerpen, Belgium - New York, US

- Hostiuc Pavlo, 41 year old, married to Maria.


SS Lapland




SS Lutterworth
Dec.3, 1909 Hamburg – Southampton, Liverpool Glasgow, Grimsby, in transit to Montreal, Canada:

Hostiuc Leonti 35 year old, Hreceniuc Pavel 30 y.o, Negriuc Nicolai 24 y.o, Senciuc Dumitru 32 y.o, Senciuc Vasile 46 y.o, Chibici Nicolai 28 y.o, Policiuc Nicolai 28 y.o.


 SS Pennsylvania  Hamburg America Line - 2741 passengers (162- 1st class, 197-2nd class, 2382 -3 e)

urg - New York 18 Dec. 1909 - 1 Jan. 1910

Hostiuc Ilie, from  Latca clan

- Senciuc Georgi, 41 y.o.
- Chibici (Kibicz) Ioan, 42 y.o.
- Hostiuc Ilie 44 y.o. and his son  Georgi 16 y.o. from the Latca clan.
- Irimiciuc Georgi 48 y.o.
- Hreceniuc (Hreniuc?) Ioan, 24 y.o...

Manifest Hostiuc Ilie

SS Pennsylvania      



SS Cairnrona,  Hamburg - Québec, 22 Aug.  1910, Smetaniuc Ioan, 33 y.o.

SS Montfort, Hamburg - Québec, 1230 passengers. 6 Aug. 1910, Hostiuc Georgi, 52 y.o.

SS Lake Michigan built in 1901, 2150 passengers.
Hamburg - Québec, 23 May 1910

- Hreniuc Mihailo (Mihail), 50 years old from the Sculi clan.
- Hreniuc Costantin, 30 y.o.
- Hreniuc Ilie, 24 y.o.



Photo 1916

SS Lake Michigan

Hreniuc Mihail


SS Willehad built in 1894 for  Norddeutscher Lloyd, 1301 passengers.

Hamburg – Québec 29 May 1910

 - Sainiuc Ioan, Polovec clan, 24 y.o.
SS Willehad  


SS Amerika, Hamburg America Line. Built in 1905,  Belfast, 2508 passengers.

Hamburg - New York 4-14 Nov. 1910

Manifest Crasi Georgi
SS Amerika 1910

- Crasi Georgi, 24 y.o, Clisi clan
- Senciuc Vasile, 27 y.o, son of Toader
- Pinzari Georgi, 24 y.o, ( son of Catrina Pinzari)

Their destination was Pulaski, Pa, to Vasile Iletchi.

SS Amerika  

Crasi Georgi Clisi


 SS Blucher, Hamburg America Line. Built in 1901, 2170 passengers.
Hamburg – New York, 30 Dec. 1910
. On the ship  Tofan Leonte, 35 y.o. His destination was "La New Orléans".

    SS Blucher


SS Frankfurt built in 1899, 1997 passengers.

Bremen – Tex. Galveston 9 Feb. 1911

SS Frankfurt

Manifest  1911 SS Frankfurt

- Tomasciuc Costan 34 y.o, ( married to Maria Tomasciuc )
- Hostiuc Ioan,son of Grigori, 39 y.o.. ( married to Mafta Hostiuc )
- Gavaniuc Mihai, 24 y.o. ( married to  Marghioala )
- Hostiuc Vasile, son of Pavel, 24 y.o.

Their destination was La Bogalusa, in  Louisiana.


SS Köln , buit in 1899, 1970 passengers

 Hamburg New York 9 Mar. 1911 

- Policiuc Vasile, son of Georgi, 26 y.o.
- Gulei Nicolai, son of Gregori, 26y.o. ( married to  Mafta Gulei )
- Tofan Dumitru, son of Georgi, 24 y.o.
- Senciuc Vasile, 27 y.o. ( married Domnica )
- Policiuc Ilie,son of Georgi, 24 y.o.
- Guliciuc Pintelai, 34 y.o. ( married to  Marghioala )
SS Köln

Manifest 1911 SS Köln



SS Wittekind  North German Lloyd  Build in 1894, 1540 passengers.

6 April - 3 May 1911,  Bremen - Galveston

SS Wittekind & Freedom

Manifest 1911

- Gulei Mihai, 32 y.o., Ioan' son
- Guliciuc Stefan, 16 y.o. Vasile's son
- Polonik Dumitru, 24 y.o. Petru's son
- Hostiuk Toader, 24 y.o. son of Anitza Hostiuk
- Moscaliuk Nicolai, 29 y.o. son of Catrina Moscaliuc


SS President Lincoln Hamburg America line, Built in 1903, 3443 passengers.
Hamburg 1 Dec., New York 14 Dec. 1911

SS President Lincoln

Manifest Hreniuc Demitrie

Hreniuc Demitrie 1885-?

- Hreniuc Georgi, 21 year old, from Mihai Sculi clan.
Hreniuc Demitrie, 26 years old, son of Mihai Hreniuc from the Sculi clan. He is going to Montreal, Canada to the home of Ioan Hreniuc. In March 1912, he is aboard the ship SS Zealand, with the same
destination. At the end of 1913, he returns to his home village and in January 1914 he married to Domnica Hopiuc. Two weeks later he returned to North America.

Georgi Hreniuc, photo in 1922  

After a period of time in Canada with his uncle Ioan Hreniuc, Demitrie emmigrated to the USA. He helped his family back home, but after WW1, he is not heard from again.



SS ZEELAND  White Star Line
Rotterdam 25 March 1912 - Portland (Maine)  12 Apr.1912. 1100 passengers.

SS Zeeland


Manifest Hreniuc Dumitru

Hreniuc Demitrie

- Senciuc Dumitru, 25 years old,
- Hreceniuc Pavel 32,
- Hreniuc Dumitru, the son of Mihai Sculi clan, 24 years old,
- Serediuc Vasile 28,
- Policiuc Stefan 26,
- Curca Leon, 27 ani, Tisauti
All from Ipotesti. On the same ship were other emmigrants from surrounding villages:  Mitoc, Patrauti, Liteni, Tisautzi...


SS Kaiserin Augusta Victoria  Hamburg-America Line, Built in 1905, 2466 passengers.

Hamburg 26 Jan.- New York 5Feb. 1912.

Hamburg 26 Jan.- New York 5 Feb. 1912. On the passenger list were Krassi (Crasi) Leonte ( 1893-1973) from the Clisi clan, Ioan Hreceniuc, son of Dumitru, 26 years old. They are both going to
Montreal to the home of Sainiuc Ioan (Polovec) a friend from the village. Crasi Leonte has been
working for several years in a rubber factory in Montreal. In 1920, he emmigrated to Detroit, USA
and in 1923 he obtains a work permit for 7 years. Leonte returns to Ipotesti in 1924 and marries

SS Kaiserin Augusta Victoria

Manifest Krassi (Crasi) Leonte In 1930 he returns to the USA, but America is submerged in an economic crisis. Leonte
returns home. All his life he spoke of his period in the USA.


Crasi Leonte,  photos from the time of his period
in Canada.


His French girl friend Ernestine Lafourcade          


SS Hannover - North German Lloyd. Built in 1899, 1970 passengers.

Bremen – Tex. Galveston  8 Feb. 1912

- Gulei Dumitru, 36 y.o.
- Hreceniuc Ioan, 25 y.o.
- Hostiuc Toader, 28 y.o.
- Tofan Leon, 27 y.o.
- Curca Ilie, 29 y.o. Tisauti
- Costiniuc Pentelai, 28 y.o. Lisaura

- Curca Teodor, 26 y.o, son of Constantin from Tisautzi
- Petriuc Dumitru, 17 y.o, son of Toader from Lisaura
- Sirghi Vasile, 32 y.o, Tisautzi, (married toIulia)
- Hostiuc Ilie, 25 y.o, Latca. (in the village  brother Georgi)
- Tuchlei Pavel, 32 y.o. (married to Zoita)
- Neamtu Vasile, 24 y.o, son of Safta from Tisautzi
SS Hannover Manifest Hostiuc Ilie

- Smetaniuc Mihai, son of Ioan, 24 y.o.

- Nistoriuc Dumitru,(Cerleanei) 26 y.o. (married to Ileana)

Their destination was La New Orléans (Louisiana) and Fort North, Texas


SS Köln , built in 1899, 1970 passengers

 Hamburg -  New York 26 Apr. 1912

- Krassi Nicolai, 29 y.o. Clisi
- Krassi Vasile, 33 y.o. Clisi
- Sainiuc Nicolai, 36 y.o.
- Smetaniuc Mihai, 24 y.o.
- Gulei Nicolai, 29 y.o.

            - Tuchlei Pavel, 32 y.o.
            - Kibicz (Chibici) Ioan, 45 y.o.
            - Hostiuc Petrea, 35 y.o.
            - Regus Pavel, 48 y.o.
- Miron Vasile, 38 y.o.
SS Köln

Manifest 1912 SS Köln



SS Willehad built in 1894 for Norddeutscher Lloyd company, 1301 passagers.
Hamburg – Québec, 1 June 1912

- Hostiuc Leonte, 38 y.o. ( crossed off)
- Hostiuc Petre, 35 y.o.

SS Willehad



SS Amerika Hamburg - New York 30 Oct. 1912, Negriuc Nicolai, 33 y.o. (born in 1879)

SS Amerika


SS Dominion - Hamburg America Line. Built in 1893, 1860 passengers.

Liverpool – Portland Maine 16 - 26 Jan. 1913: Senciuc Georgi 33 y.o.

Senciuc Georgi 33 years old


SS Dominion



SS Hannover - North German Lloyd. Built in 1899, 1970 passengers
Bremen - Portland (Maine) US, 5 - 19 April 1913

SS Hannover
Sainiuc Georgi 1912

- Iatzcu Pavel, 39 years old, married to Maranda
- Sainiuc Georgi, 26 years old, Petrea's son
- Danilet Georgi, 30 years old, married to Anitza
Their  destination was  Montréal, Canada to Ion Kozak

S.S. Eisenach, North German Lloyd. Built in 1908, 950 passengers.

Bremen - Baltimore, 24 Mai - 9 June 1913

Manifest pag.1

Passengers from Lisaura. Their destination was Chicago, to Vasile Sârghi:

- Sârghi Vartolomer, 32 years old, married to  Rozalia
- Chibici Ilie, 17 y.o. son of Mihai
- Bodnar Ilie, 32 y.o. married to Dochia
- Petrus Ion, 24 y.o. son of George
- Costiniuc George, 17 y.o. son of Grigore.


SS Mount Temple Canadian Pacific Line, Built in 1901, 1264 passengers.
Antwerpen - Québec, 16 - 29 July 1913

SS Mount Temple

Manifest Mount Temple 1913

- Senciuc Vasile, 50 years old, married to  Mafta
- Serediuc Vasile, 28 years old, married to Elisaveta
Their destination was Reading, Ohio, US  Georgi Gulei


SS Montrose Canadian Pacific line. Built in 1897, 1870 passengers
Antwerpen - Québec July 24 - August 5, 1913

SS Montrose

Toader Bucaciuc

Vasile Bucaciuc

Manifest Toader & Vasile Bucaciuc, 1913

- Brothers Bucaciuc Toader, 31 years old and Vasile 17 years old, Dumitru's sons from Shkaradnei clan family.
 Their destination was Reading, Ohio.

SS Seydlitz , North German Lloyd line. Built in 1902,  2050 passengers

3 - Oct. 1913 Bremen -  Baltimore

-Tofan Dumitru 34 y.o. married to Domnica. He is going to his friend  Leonti Tofan.


SS Volturno
S.S. Seydlitz Manifest Tofan Dumitru      

SS Volturno, scene of the disaster.

On October 9, 1913, during a trans-Atlantic crossing, the S.S. Seydlitz received a radio-operator S.O.S. from another ship, the S.S. Volturno, which had departed from Rotterdam on October 2nd with a destination of Halifax and New York.  The S.S. Volturno was in flames.  It had  634 people onboard, European immigrants and crew, but also carried flammable chemicals, oil, fabrics and rags.  Eleven ships responded to the S.O.S..  The seas were very rough.  After sailing for one day, the S.S. Seydlitz arrived at the location of the disaster and saved 46 passengers.  Each of the other ships that responded saved a certain number of passengers but 134 people succumbed to the flames or were drowned.  The location of this disaster was the same place where the Titanic sunk in April 1912.   The S.S. Volturno did not sink immediately but burned for one week before disappearing under the waves.  S.S. Seydlitz passenger Dumitru Tofan of Ipotesti was an eyewitness of this S.S. Volturno disaster.



SS Graf Waldersee, Hamburg America Line. Built in 1898, 2546 passengers.

Hamburg – New York - 3 -18 April  1914

- Hostiuc Petre, 37 y.o. (married to  Mafta). Destination Montréal to Tofan Ioan
- Moscaliuc Iacob, 39 y.o (married to Ioana). Destination  Montréal to Ioan Sainiuc
- Hreceniuc Vasile, 42 y.o. (married to  "Mardinha", Marghioala?)
- Seremet (Sheremet) Ilie, 35 y.o. (married to Maria)
- Hostiuc Leonti, 40 y.o. (married toVasilena)
- Regus Georgi, 53 y.o. (married to Catrina)
- Moscaliuc Leonti, 17y.o. son of  Nicolai
- Gavaniuc Georgi, 39 y.o.(married to  Mafta).
- Hostiuc Ilie, 49 y.o. and Mihai, 11 y.o.from the Latca family, (married to Catrina)
were crossed off the list.
SS Graf Waldersee Manifest  1914

 All had  25$ in the pocket. Their destination was Montréal to Ioan Sainiuc Polovec,



SS Vaderland, Antverpen - New York. Built in   1900, 1162 passengers

27 Jun. 1914 Antverpen – New York

21 March - 1 April 1914 Antwerpen (Belgium) - New York US:
- Dumitru Hreniuc, Sculi clan, 26 years old (en réalité il en avait 29), married to Domnica.
- Dumencu Georgi, 36 Years old, married to  Domnica. 
- Dumencu Michal, 38 years old married to Aurica. Destination Oliver, Pa. to his cousin Tofan Pentelie

27 iunie 1914 Antwerpen – Nev York
- Tofan Dumitru, 36 y.o.(married to Domnica) 

SS Vaderland


In July 1914, the First World War starts. Here the first wave of emigration finishes towards the American continent.

                                                                                                                                                              The second emigration wave  1919-1930

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